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Mayfields Hackney – update and pics

Posted on: September 20, 2013

Mayfields Hackney

“Neighbourhood dining room” Mayfields gets a lot of praise for its menu of sharing plates. Andy Lynes wrote in Metro that he found a kitchen “firing on all culinary cylinders” and food blog Rocket & Squash describes a “very good neighbourhood restaurant”. Find the full roundup of reviews and the critics’ favourite dishes on our restaurant profile.

No surprise then that some of us hopped on the overground to Hackney Central recent and went to see it for ourselves – check out our Mayfields snapshots on the FoodVerdicts blog.

The Clove Club – Shoreditch restaurant of the year?

Posted on: June 2, 2013

Clove Club restaurant reviews

It’s probably too early to make this claim but The Clove Club in beautiful and historic Shoreditch Town Hall continues to make waves. Since opening in March, critics and bloggers alike have raved about the sophisticated food served in contrasting “austere” surroundings.

“Nobody in London was eating a more sophisticated, unflashy or epicurean dinner than we were.” AA Gill [Sunday Times]

“The Clove Club’s cooking is intentionally avant-garde.” Guy Dimond [Time Out]

“They’re not trying to be cool and ‘a story’, they just

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