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A. Wong – the power of the restaurant review

Posted on: April 27, 2013

A Wong reviews

Since A. Wong opened in an unpromising location in Victoria, it has hardly flown under the radar. The FoodVerdicts database lists 11 expert reviews, of which 8 YAYs, which mostly praise the creative Chinese dishes served up in the 8 course ‘Taste of China’ menu as well as on the dim sum menu (available to order as single pieces – a relief if you were always too polite to snatch that last xiao long bao).

But this weekend, A. Wong won the jackpot of restaurant reviews – praise from two of the most influential critics in the business – Marina O’Loughlin (Guardian)

#twitterwatch – Ben Spalding's new gig to be announced soon

Posted on: December 28, 2012


After his sudden departure from John Salt it’s worth following chef Ben Spalding on Twitter. Today it sounds like an announcement is imminent…

“hi, plans have begun for something better & more permanent. Apologies for any hassle it may cause.”

and later…

“a place for late jan and feb to honour guests who booked to eat my cooking. We will be in contact in days if this is possible”

@Benspalding1 on 28/12/2012 [Twitter]

#twitterwatch – un-Instagrammed

Posted on: October 18, 2012


Comedian Chris Rock. Made us laugh.

I read a sad statistic that something like 3% of all sushi goes un-Instagrammed.

@chrisrockoz 18/10/2012 [Twitter]

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#twitterwatch – Foodie is not a word

Posted on: October 12, 2012


Former restaurant critic of the New York Times, Sam Sifton, on the expression everyone loves to hate:

Look. “Foodie” is not a word.

@SamSifton 11/10/2012 [Twitter]

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#twitterwatch – Dabbous is full

Posted on: May 20, 2012


“Next available booking at Dabbous will be in 2018, after all of middle class England read AA Gill’s review today.”

@adamhyman29 on AA Gill’s 5-star review of Dabbous.




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