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The Margaret Thatcher ice cream "controversy"

Posted on: April 13, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - ice cream inventor

Not the most meaningful article you’ll read about Margaret Thatcher, but the claims that the late prime minister invented soft serve ice-cream have resurfaced with vocal supporters as well as ardent skeptics.

The Washington Post has no doubt that Thatcher “invented ice cream as we know it” and shows us this great picture of young Margaret (quite clearly inventing something or other if you ask us). The Atlantic runs with the story and calls Thatcher “the iron lady of soft serve”.

Esquire writes that “The Iron Lady was just one member of a team of chemists

Cupcakes and desserts – the perfect pick-me-ups this cold spring

Posted on: March 14, 2013

Cupcakes and dessert London

We’ve just emerged from a record freezing February with no sign of a milder March around the corner.

Cheer yourself up with mouthwatering and beautiful recipes from American Cupcake Abroad – she’s a Self Proclaimed Cupcake Editorialist & Frosting Guru and her London Cupcake Tourist Map takes you on an epic journey across London pursuing what else – cupcakes! Maison Cupcake is another self-taught baker (with a 5 year old son). We don’t quite know how she finds the time to bake her wide repertoire of delicious looking desserts ranging from muffins to

Found 2 articles...   1