How we do it

Unbiased and comprehensive, does exactly what it says – we  pronounce the definitive VERDICTS on London’s restaurants. Here’s how we do it:

The VERDICT is simple

One number for each restaurant, from zero to a perfect 100 for London’s best restaurants.

The VERDICT is smart

What goes on behind the scenes is a bit more complicated: we take into account thousands of opinions – from food awards and the reviews of top critics, to mentions on food blogs and feedback from diners. Our proprietary algorithm then synthesises these voices (currently including about 200 expert reviewers) and works out the VERDICT for each restaurant – last week’s review is more relevant than that of 5 years ago, and the top food critics’ opinions count more than those of mere mortals, for example.

The VERDICT is unbiased

Plenty of websites deliver scores and ratings, but which ones can  you trust? provides you with the most objective assessment of London’s restaurants available on the web. We are impartial – no VERDICT can be influenced by advertising, sponsoring, freebies or favours. Our only goal is to help you find the right restaurant for every dining occasion.

The VERDICT is dynamic

A new chef prompting rave restaurant reviews by bloggers, the new Michelin Star guide, or your own feedback – all this impacts the VERDICT real-time, making it as dynamic as the London restaurant scene.

… and there’s more

If you want to dig deeper, each restaurant profile links to our most important sources and their full reviews. In addition, we use symbols to show you at a glance what your favourite critic thought: YAY for VERDICTS of 55% and above, NAY for lower ones. And London’s very best restaurants (85% and above) are rewarded with our ‘VERDICT: SIZZLING’ badges.

Visit our FAQs to find out what other clever features we have developed to help you find the best restaurants in London.

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